Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! We have multiple delivery times daily. Refere to our Delivery page.

Is the tax included in the displayed price?

All items are plus tax. Your final checkout total will have all applied taxes.

I received an email saying my order was still awaiting payment?

The most common issue that occurs with our store check-out generally is that your payment details aren’t being verified. What that means is that the Billing Address you entered does not match the address for the Credit Card you used. Maybe you moved and the Credit Card is still attached to your old address? You can edit your Billing Address, and add a totally different Ship To address if this is the case and your payment should go through. You’ll receive an email confirming we received your order.

Do I need to make an account to order online?

No you do not. You can continue as a guest and checkout all the same. Creating an account allows you to view your previous orders, and in the future will allow you to collect points for discounts on accessories.

How long is the wait for delivery?

Deliveries are scheduled to go out 3 times a day. The longest you would wait for delivery is generally 3 hours (unless inclement weather or issues out of our control arise). Please check out our Delivery page to see more details.